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    Hello Everyone!

    My english is not to good so I will just try to describe my problem.
    I bought Pre from a guy from UK. Pre has got a simlock on O2 UK. I would like to free it from the simlock with nextgen software but I've got a problem. I know that I will receive a code that i type on Pre on the "enter network unlock code" screen, but I haven't such a screen. I've got "Enter Unblock Code" instead, what it means I've got blocked Pre because previous user tried to unlock the simlock to many times. Network operator o2 UK can (probably) unblock my phone, but I'm not a client this network... I can't get from them unblock code . That is why I have a request:
    Can anyone of the client o2 UK with Palm Pre send e-mail to them about unblock code??

    Best Regards and sorry for my english .
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    From what I know, network operator must first unblock my phone (I have blocked modem)... Then I can unlock my phone with code nextgenserver.

    I sent message to nextgenserver with question about unlock and unblock my phone.
    We'll see their answer ...

    UPDATE 2:
    I got the answer... You're right, my back .
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    If you know the guys that developed it you couldnt ask them to get it working please. I have been trying with their system for a week now and it will not install the USB drivers from their client download and support is, to say the least, painful. The last question they asked was I sure I have a GSM Pre Plus, I did point out to them I have worked in ICT for 28 years and have an MCSE along we various other qualifications and can tell the difference.

    My take on their system is it does not work at the moment, v48 is the client code I am using. I think I am heading towards giving up on my 10 and spending the $29 US Dollars for the Digital-Unlock code, that has confirmed it can unlock my Pre Plus from O2's network.

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    ex-Iphone 4 user - Palm Pre + (ex-O2 Unlocked using Nextgenserver, WebOS 2.1) and loving it.
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    After 28 years yes I can install a driver, but not the ones they have supplied with their client - they are not the right drivers and do not have the correct entries in the .inf files for the devices which my Pre tries to install.

    Is there anywhere I can get these drivers? I noted your link to the Pre 2 ones are they the same? I have pointed out to them a number of times that the USB driver is the problem and even resorted to a clean XP install on an old disk to try and ensure that no left over drivers were causing an issue. I have tried to manually update/link the drivers to the path they specify but they will not install.

    ex-Iphone 4 user - Palm Pre + (ex-O2 Unlocked using Nextgenserver, WebOS 2.1) and loving it.
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    That would be very much appreciated...thanks....

    If it helps the devices I can not get drivers to install for are:

    Generic Serial
    Reduced CDC Abstract Control Model(R-ACM)
    RNDIS Ethernet Gadget

    These are only present when my pre is connected in Diag mode with USBnet turned on on USB Port 1.

    ex-Iphone 4 user - Palm Pre + (ex-O2 Unlocked using Nextgenserver, WebOS 2.1) and loving it.
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    PM Sent with ticket reference and email address.

    Thanks again

    ex-Iphone 4 user - Palm Pre + (ex-O2 Unlocked using Nextgenserver, WebOS 2.1) and loving it.
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    Thanks to GUYFROMNAM who was extremely helpful and managed to resolve my problem tonight. I really do appreciate the time he took to assist.

    The mistake I had made was that in the install instructions the diagram for DIAG mode shows USBNET ENABLED, although it does have a line around it saying it should be DISABLED I just looked at the picture and made an assumption.

    Also, WebOS 2.1 will give an error you need to have the Pre + on 1.4.5 and then all worked great and my phone works on TMobile UK without any problems, will try 3 tomorrow.


    ex-Iphone 4 user - Palm Pre + (ex-O2 Unlocked using Nextgenserver, WebOS 2.1) and loving it.
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    GFN: I have a Pre- on 2.1 and I can't unlock it with Next Gen, is this because it doesn't work (yet) or am I doing something wrong (getting error #98 on two computers one xp, one vista).
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    It doesn't work yet. Doctor back to 1.4.5, unlock, and back to 2.1.
    Doctored back to 1.4.5 and ran the unlock client. It gets to 100% then freezes on please wait when it should give me my unlock code
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faddy View Post
    Doctored back to 1.4.5 and ran the unlock client. It gets to 100% then freezes on please wait when it should give me my unlock code
    I don't remember the client giving me the code, I think it just unlocks your Pre with no additional input required
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    I've sent a ticket to Nextgen support. Thanks for the replies.

    Just to clarify, I thought I should be getting a code to put into the network unlock screen (like at 5:35 in this video ) but that is an older version of the software so I might be wrong. Whatever the case is my phone is not unlocked.
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    I used a different xp machine and it worked first time. Works as advertised.

    Thanks for the advice. Now going to Doctor back to 2.1.0
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    I was thinking about purchasing a locked Rogers Pre2 and unlocking it, will nextgen servers unlocking method work with the rogers pre2?
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    All is OK ! My Palm Pre is unLOCK & unBLOCK! Thx for all GuyFromNam .
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    I am a new comer to this forum and also to how a phone is being unlocked.
    Have just received my new Palm Pre Plus from AT&T USA, which is locked and with out any profile.
    I am living in Thailand and will be using the phone her with at local SIM card and plan.
    I have tried through Nextgen Server to unlock the phone with out success, so I need some help.
    I have been able to boot into recovery mode and run the webOS doctor.
    Now the problem is how do I run the activate-Bypass tool, which is mentioned in the Nextgen Server support document?
    When putting in the SIM card I have, the phone is asking for the Net work pin code, which I believe I should get through the tool from Nextgen Server?
    Hope some one can guide me step by step.

    Thank you in advanced.
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    I am currently using a Palm Pre on O2 which I bought in the UK launch and would like to change network once my 18 month contract ends next week. I have now received the new SIM card from VirginMedia ready to put into the phone. I called O2 first and predictably they said that they could unlock any phone except the Palm Pre (& Dell Streak). So I have purchased a thing from Nextgen Server to use as recommended, however the download is being blocked by my security (Norton) [intrusion event blocked, known attack site, etc.], so is it safe to download and run?
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    I bypassed security to download the file, only Norton deleted it straight away so I may have to turn the security off altogether to run the software. More importantly do I need to do step one? I assume that my phone is already activated if I'm currently using it?
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    Right, I've successfully downloaded it now and copied it across onto an old XP system... Hope I don't need internet access for this!?
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    Yes, all successfully installed - phone unlocked and working perfectly.

    As expected from the instructions, for hassle free unlocking you need to use a PC running WindowsXP and with an internet connection. The only major issue I had was Norton's severe dislike for the software.

    Thank you for detailing instructions, link to the website and for the discount code. I'm glad I've been able to unlock my phone since O2 refuse to unlock it themselves.

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