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    GFM excelent work works just fine but the app catalog doesnt work it says "the action could not be completed try again later" what i need to do?
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    ok that's a problem where I live I can not get a sim card for usa or other coubtrys, so this means I will not goibg to be a able to ebter into catalog ????????????
    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Did you read the thread I mentioned above, did you read the OP of this thread about activation in official launch countries, and where did you activate your phone for the first time?
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    ok the paid apps I don't really care about then what I wabt is the free apps like facebook app etc where I an get the free apss ???
    [QUOTE=GuyFromNam;2845922]First time activation of your device in an official Palm launch country: apps/paid apss
    First time activation of your device in another country: no apps/paid apss

    It's also possible you only get free apps or no apps at all.
    See this thread for the official info:
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    so icant install facebook in my palm pre?
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    i manage to get into the app catalog just reset de apps and it will bring you the palm profile creator fill the blanks and you are done.. and i have a quesstion if i doctor my palm the unlock will be gone?
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    Hi GuyFromNam , I have a palm pre (02 from UK ) locked. I purchased 1 credit to unlock my palmpre. After follow instruction to unlock, I got this error :
    "Failed to get counter or counter is zero, please check login and repeat"
    I read previous post that have the same problem as me, I used Hotspot Shield, utralsuft ... but still get the error. Can u help me ? I sent u my login details.
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    had unlocked my Palm Pre phone using but now is again re-locked!

    I had to send the phone to the repair service, but they only change the cover, the Imei and the serial number are still the same.

    Can I do something for re-unlock the phone?

    Thank you very much
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    I used Jic unlocker to unlock my pre plus ATT. unlock went ok but since that i cant get the usb/ just charge window to come up when I connect my usb to computer.
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    hi, just wondering if some one can help
    i am using the jic unlocker to unlock my palm pre 2, i am in the USB Passthrough control screen, no problems! but now when i connect to my pc it is asking for the 2 drivers (Reduced CDC .... and the generic driver) i have looked everywhere and cannot find them.
    I have even downloaded the ones that you have on your first thread.

    they dont work, im banging my head against the wall.
    i even installed web0s 1.4.5 and virtual box, hoping the drivers would be burried there somewhere, no luck

    someone please help!
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    how should i got about unlocking my palm pre on the o2 network? can it be done for free?
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    when i get the code. how do i input on my phone?
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    $29 is the best available? Sheesh....
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    im having unlock troubles. i cant seem to change usb port 1 to DIAG. i get this error message. cant set passthrough state: com.palm.usbpassthrough is not running. what do i do?
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    i have web os 1.4.5
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    my simlock is o2
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    how do i do that?
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    Download doctor from palm website, run it.
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    It says to have it plugged in for 15 mins to an hour. Should it be in just charge mode or usb drive when doing this
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