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    Ok I'm going to do that ! I prefer the easier way
    I've run a check compatibility with their software so it's ok for me to do it ^^

    Just a las question, even when I restart my phone I still have the screen with "Session's over, you're not connected to any profil, would you like to erase all data or just restart ?"
    I already chose erase but still get this screen.. if I choose restart will I be able to create a palm profil to use the phone ?

    Oh and by the way, thank you for everything :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Never seen that message before.
    I suggest you doctor the phone to see what happens.

    If you cannot get the computer to recognize the Pixi:
    -Connect to computer
    -Press option+sym+r
    -Hold volume UP button until USB icon is displayed on Pixi
    -Start Doctor on computer

    If Next button remains greyed out, click the Start menu.
    Type 'services.msc' and press Enter.
    Locate the 'PalmNovacom' service, rightclick it and restart it.

    The Next button should become available now.
    Thank you very much :-)

    I was able to restaure the OS, now I have a screen asking me to create an account or to connect to an old one so I'll be able to create one when the phone will be unlock
    I'll have to wait monday or tuesday to get an answer from gsmliberty for the refund.
    And I'm waiting for my code from digitalunlock ^^

    EDIT :

    Success !! :-)
    Unlock, a fresh OS, and a new profil Palm !
    Thank you so much for your time and help :-)
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    i bought 1 credit for unlock palm pixi plus
    i got error "Got unexpected answer : BADPACKET"
    my firewall is of and i dont use any companys firewall i'm directly connected to internet
    tryed 4-5 times and same error always.
    help need
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Your ISP uses crappy DNS servers.
    Look in the unlock sticky for the solution.
    sorry but i cant find any unlock sticky section? any link if possible please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post

    Other users with your problem have used Hotspot Shield and it worked.
    If it doesn't, then raise a support ticket at the NextGen site. They work office hours UK time.
    thanks for your help i'm now with Hotspot Shield but same problem.
    i'l try to change internet provider. or will try from home computer it is on another provider.
    support ticket is up.
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    i'm in trouble now.
    on home pc (another internet provider) the program gives me notification about success unlock and tells to restart
    phone. i done but set is locked. asking for unblock code
    there was no code displayed in program. i thought that it was unlocked
    directly but....
    what to do now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Which version of the unlock client are you using?
    JICTech MultiServer client ver 35.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Get a refund and try
    Much easier.
    i think i can't get refund because my credit is lost
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    is there any way for counter blocked phones?
    they gives me code but phone asks unblock code. support team told me counter is blocked
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    ya its NextGen support. i told them my problem and they gives me unlock code but phone asks unblock code it seems client program was unable to unlock / reset counter and i lose my credit. i hope they can halp. but am afraid it takes too many time and customer don't want to wait till monday.
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    Just picked up a NIB Roger Pre 2 and need to unlock and activate.

    I have a Bell SIM card
    I have downloaded JIC unlock utility
    I know how to boot to recovery mode and then go into DIAG
    And I will be able to run the unlock utility

    My question is, when do I put the SIM card for Bell in to the phone?

    Thanks, Mike
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    You should have put the sim card in from the beginning. When you first turned it on without a sim card, a screen showng you how to put a sim card in should have popped up. I'm not familiar with Canadian carriers, but are Bell sim cards interchangable with Rogers sim cards on Rogers phones? If so, you would have never needed to bypass anything, just activate with the sim card.

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    Hi, Just got an ATT Palm pre plus and am going to unlock it for tmobile.

    Using the digital unlock, If I understand this right, all I have to do is plug it in using the usb cable, run the software and then it is completely unlocked? Everything will work normally? (I know i will only be on EDGE, just making sure it doesnt partially unlock the phone or something like that.)
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    I purchased this last night to unlock a Rogers PALM PRE 2.

    I have the inlock client installed but it appears that the DRIVERS needed to recongnize the serial and DIAG ports cannot be found.

    I looked in the directory where the manual suggests and they are not there. Is there somewhere that I can get these drivers?

    So close, yet still far away.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    I'm browsing the forums with my pre -- don't have the link handy for you: BUT -- I have seen posts on this. Take a look for the other 'unlock' threads or seek out GuyFromNam: one of the two will have the answer for you.

    Enjoy your Pre2!
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    Make sure you set up the USB pass through like they say then plug in the phone then go to device manager in windows and there will be two 'devices' with an exclamation point just manual install drivers and point windows to the files Nextgen tell you too.

    At least thats how I got mine to work, hope it helps you too!

    Oh and another tip is to run actual unlock client as Administrator.

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    Yup, all above done. Thing is, files not where they should be.

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    <thread merged>
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    Thanks to the info in this thread, I managed to unlock and unblock an AT&T Palm Pre Plus that I got off of eBay. The process wasn't all that hard, but you really have to read everything, and follow instructions to the letter

    cheers GuyFromNam!
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    GFN, thanks for the lead on DIGITALUNLOCK, certainly was painless. Unfortunately I have not picked up my Bell SIM card yet. Any way to determine if it is unlocked without a SIM card.

    Will try to pick one up tonight, just a little impatient. :-)


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