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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyadi View Post
    what a waste of money unlocking it, the one thing i use the most i cant get to work!!
    And what's that thing? It's not good to complain and not tell everything :P
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    ha ha written in a fit of frustration...
    i cant get mms to work on my pre now its on orange uk :-/
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    I ran a test run on my att pre plus and the program told me; Your phone is unlockable? Does this mean that the program will be able to unlock this phone or not?
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    Hi GFN!

    Can you help me with unlock issue? I did order unlock software from nextgen and receive login detail. Everything was ok 100% processed then I got message " Failed to get counter or counter is zero, please check login and repeat: serviec not active on this account -31

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Did you copy and paste your login details?
    Maybe a space got added.
    Try typing and contact NextGen Support.
    I did type it 100 times, but still same. I tried using Hotspot shield but it didn't work. too bad. And I contacted nextgen by phone but nobody picked up the phone. Sadly
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    Hi All,

    Total success with DigitalUnlock. I have also used nextgen, but DigitalUnlock is painless and almost ***** proof !

    Using Windows7 64Bit

    Digital Unlock :
    Install & execute it. Put pre is flash mode as mentioned in the help. Press Unlock = Gives message, phone is unlocked. But no unlocked code is shown on the screen.
    Reboot the phone with any sim, it all works.
    Done in 2 minutes !

    NextGen :
    Last time I tried in Win7 64, it didnt work & could not install the diagonistic drivers required for the application. I then tried my virtual box installation of WinXP within my Win7 and after fiddling with usb filters, managed to see the PalmPre in virtual WinXP.
    Pressing unlock = It shows the actual unlock code in the result. This code you have to manually type when the phone is rebooted.. In the "enter" unlock code screen.
    Phone unlocked at this stage.
    Also After that you have to disable the USB passthrough diagnostic mode from the phone, which involves running another application (comes with the nextgen client) to get an authorisation code.
    (As I mentioned above, Nextgen client may be updated to work with Win7 64, but at the time it didnt work easily)

    I will recommend DigitalUnlock, worked straightaway without any issues.

    Many Many thanks to GuyFromNam for the unlock information. He is the man !!

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    How do you know if the phone is activated or not?
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    hmm the nextgen server software is about 16.00 but my question is.. i will pay 20box for the same program that nextgenserver offers for 16.00??? and i will get a CD with the software or they will only send me an email with the program attached on it?
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    the program commes in a CD or its downloadable
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    Hi, I managed to unlock my Pixi Plus. Thanks for all GuyFromNam
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    if i use the recovery mode that means that i do not need a at&t sim card to put the palm pre plus in developer mode? sorry about the questions but is because in my country there is no at&t and i cant get one if the phone comes here, and i have an oportunioty to get the at&t sim card before it gets to my country
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    I've read the last ten pages and tried nearly everything excepting trying to do it on a XP machin (because I'm on Seven 32its).
    I've bought an unlock from gsmliberty (which I regret already)..

    Informations first of all :
    OS : Seven 32bits
    Phone : 1.45 build 231
    Firmware : XU1.6.13(3125)

    I've tried to follow the instructions of the JIC softaware manual but I got 2 drivers installed : one in a modem with [beezl] and the other in "ports"
    With that I've been extra carefull with my Username and my password, with the main server..
    And in the end after I click on "Unlock", after the 100% I got : "failed to get counter or counter is zero, please check
    login and repeat".

    I've tried the hotspot shield but same error
    I've tried to change the USB same error
    I'Ve tried to update the phone to 1.45 (that worked with the wifi -> WebDoctor on the computer simply never see my phone in the usb port)
    I've ask the support of gsmliberty and all I got is : check the username and password : I'm not that noob.

    So does anybody has an idea ?
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    sorry for not provide all info before but here is it:
    i bought an used (mint condition) at&t palm pre plus on ebay few days ago, so it means the phone has already been activated, i actually live in dominican republic and my gsm carrier is Orange, the thing is my brother lives in USA and he use at&t, i want to know if its better if he unlock the phone (he also have a Orange sim card with him from my country) or i do it here in DR. what i asked before was ecause i watched a tuto from nextgen server i start searching for info and i found in one page that the phone should be activaded with a functional sim card on it to acces to developer mode, that thing really put me kind of weird because i dont have any at&t sim card here but well i thinked in my brother to do that so..ok.. now my questions are

    this tutorial is totally funciotal?: what i mean is is this the same program that i recieve from digital unlock?

    should i use this tutorial?

    update: i found this video: this if for the activation bypass tool and etc.. after i do that i only have to run the unlocker , unlock the phone and thats it?
    Last edited by armjcv; 01/21/2011 at 09:28 AM. Reason: found other info
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    1. You get the phone
    2. You buy unlock solution from
    3. You unlock the device (very easy - do not need to activate device first)
    4. You put in your Domenican sim card
    5. You can use your Pre

    I'm not sure if the US AT&T Pre model supports the frequencies used in the Domenican Republic for 3G. You should ask your carrier and look in the threads I already provided above.
    i will not be able to use the 3g but i will be able to use the edge connection but that for me isnt a big thing ..

    hmm so tell me about the update i did to the post that is the firdt step right?
    and whats better: me unlocking the phone or my brother in US???
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Contact NextGen Server support and raise a Support ticket at their website.
    I've contacted gsmliberty many times, the only thing they gave me is the new version of the software so now I have the v33.

    I still have the same problem, and the same two drivers installed : one in modem and one in the port.

    I still have again : "failed to get counter or counter is zero, please check
    login and repeat".

    Can the problem be that I'm on Windows 7
    I really don't know what to do and gsmliberty support really suck, they always take a lot of time to answer, and they practicly say dumb stuff to get me off their back :/

    And now I have another problem, or I think it is with the phone : I've installed the v1.45 build 231 and now the phone says approximatively : "End of your session : do you want to still use the phone and just restart it or erase everything on the phone to bring back the default settings of the from ?
    And because I've never used the phone and bought it on ebay I wanted to erase everything.. and the screen just freeze it self in a light grey touch.
    And when I restart it, he ask me again the same thing.
    The only thing I can do now is an emergency call while the phone is still saying : "end of session".

    Any idea ?
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    Oh and on the screen they say something about not being connected on my palm profil with this phone : the thing is I don't have a palm profil, how to make one ? What can I do ?
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    Thank you for the reply.

    So I have a Palm Pixi Plus from SFR.
    I bought it on ebay and it had a SIM card from SFR and before when it was in it I manage to connect to my livebox to have the wifi and I updated the OS of the phone to 1.45 directly from an application in the phone.
    Everything worked fine here.

    I'm in France and I want to unlock the phone to make it work with Orange but it's locked for SFR (if that's the carrier, I'm not sure I understand right)

    But on the phone on the top of the screen there's only written in french "verrou SIM-SOS 13:32 the icon for the wifi, an icon for the reception and the battery level"
    When I click on it, nothing happen, it's like the screen is not responding since I wanted to erase everything to create a new profil palm and get the phone as "brand new".

    I'm going to try the webOS Doctor right away.
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    I tried to Doctor it but he doesn't see my phone..

    In the phone I've put my Orange SIM card, and all I can do is an emergency call.. I don't really know what to do now.. :/
    And the gsmliberty username + password with the JICTECH multi server client still doesn't work.

    What must I do ? ^^

    EDIT :

    On the gsmliberty account it says :
    1 x Palm Pixi Plus Unlock Software
    Phone's IMEI ****************
    Phone's Model Palm Pixi Plus

    And the support told tried to help me and they say I still have credit..
    If nothing work with them I can ask for a refund and try something else somewhere else no ?
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    But the thing is now I don't have the screen asking a code to unlock the phone.. and it still say "Verrou SIM-SOS" (verrou= lock in french )

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