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    Hey guys, I just ordered my first Pre, it should be here in a day or so. I was wondering what apps I should install (new to WebOS)

    A little info about what I will be using it for.

    -(Light) Navigation

    I have read a few things on the board about overclocking and such, but I am really clueless about what that does. I would rather not to too many mods to the phone, I wouldn't want to overclock the system too much. I would like to have the best battery life I could but am not expecting anything spectacular.

    So really, I just want an easy experience with the least amount of modification possible.

    Thanks guys.
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    for what you said you need it to do you really don't need to add anything.,,remember,,i said what 'u' said you need it to do.
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    some apps to get:

    BFG Maps
    YouView VM
    Ancient Frog
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    You can start by downloading Preware.

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    i'd second the download preware recommendation. It will let you safely get your feet wet with homebrew software and patches. We're happy to help if you have any questions
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    Stick with the basics and load what you need to facilitate how you want to use the phone.
    If your into music and entertainment start with Fandango and Pandora or some of the radio apps.
    If you text or message then TweetMe or Mlti Message
    If you want to enhance your calendar then use UberCalendar
    I think you can go from here – I would also suggest Preware to Patch your Pre but you don’t need to go all the way to Over-clocking

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    The stock Pre should give you a good time with all that you want to use it for.

    But in the future, if you ever want to speed it up or think that a certain app (such as e-mail) is lacking, then you can look into overclocking/patches/homebrew.

    I was please with my Pre+ when I first got it, took a few weeks before I ever looked into modifying it.
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    Youview (visual voicemail)
    Notes (if you want better memos program that syncs to google docs)
    Done! (to do list that syncs to toodleoo)
    drPodder (for podcasts)
    Newsroom (rss feeds)
    powernap (nap timer/ timer)
    radio time (streaming radio, free)

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    Set the drag Radius to 8px (patch).
    Read up of overclocking.

    The Pre is an amazing phone. In my opinion, best purchase I've ever made.

    Have fun!
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