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    In a few weeks time I will be traveling to Europe (primarily Germany and Spain) and I will need a phone. As a sprint Pre user I am pretty much S.O.L.

    So what are my options? Rent a phone.

    I looked into renting a phone and found that most of these phone rental compaines are living in the past. Renting junk noika's or something similar to their customets with the entire empasis on actual phone minutes and no mention of texting.

    Basically I want a smartphone for data, camera, facebook uploading, texting, etc. I will probably never make a call on it over there once. The smart phones offered at one place were circa windows mobile 6.1. I don't think so.

    So what are my other options?
    I am not sure but with all of this recent hoopla over antennagate, the iPhone 4, and Steve Jobs suggesting if you are not satisfied with the phone to simply return it for a refund in the first 30 days got me to thinking.

    Why not just buy a phone and return it? It sounds too good to be true and hence this post inquiring on the X's and O's of it. Yes it is ethically unsound but are there other down sides to this approach?

    Do all carriers offer the same 30 day refund poilcy? Has anyone returned a phone with a different carrier in the first 30 days? What are the fees and costs that you incur?

    While trying out a iphone 4 might be nice I am comfortable with the pre and I am seriously considering the A&TT pre plus. I am assuming phone is ready to work on most European networks.

    Any tips or suggestions for using a modern smart phone overseas in an affordable fashion would be greatly appreciated.

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    I doubt the 30-day return policy with ATT will allow international usage. Maybe, but read the fine print for sure.

    Buy the Sprint Touch Pro 2. There's one on eBay now for $215.
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    I have never returned a phone from another carrier but I would assume even after you return it you would still be required to pay the monthly service fees regardless of if you have an international plan turned on or not.

    Obviously I would have no problem paying my bill for the data that I use.
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    I've actually been travelling through Germany..and decided on the spot to pick up the Palm Pre for 240 Euro with a pretty cheap smartphone!

    The Plus was about 480 from memory.

    It has been great for travelling...and the O2 data I got with the phone along with wifi in most hotels has been great. (Whether wifi works or costs an arm and a leg iin all hotels s another question!)

    Maybe you can buy it...then sell it again to someone who wants a phone...just make sure you get it all set up in the store with your profile etc.

    When you look at the cost of the iPhone 4 versus the original Palm Pre...all I can say is I'm loving the Pre....the ability to buy apps is the only problem with the German Pre...yet to find a solution.

    All the best with it....and apps that work offline and online are your friend when it comes to things like translation and money conversion.
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    Thank you Mavoz
    That is a good idea. While having the phone for all of its data services is the main reason I want it. The real reason I need it is to call people the instant I land so I can meet up with them. So buying a phone in Germany is probably not realistic. I guess I could use a pay phone to meet up with my people and then buy one, but spending $300 US dollars on a phone that I most likely wont use for its phone after arrival seems a bit extravagant for a 10 day trip. faced with dropping that much cash I guess I would rough it at internet cafes and such.
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    I may be cursing here but rent a Blackberry Tour from Sprint. It uses a SIM card too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    I may be cursing here but rent a Blackberry Tour from Sprint. It uses a SIM card too.
    Sprint rents phones?
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    Thanks for the responce GuyFromNam
    While shopping for a used device on eBay, I realized that a friend of mine has a tmobile samsung behold phone sitting in a drawer. Cleary not modern cell phone but it does have a decent camera, email, and a facebook app.
    Would all I need to do is order an o2 LOOP card, pop that in the tmobile phone and that would work? The phone is a quad band phone I think...
    Samsung T919 Behold - Full phone specifications

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