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    I just upgraded to a D-Link 4500 gaming router and my speeds on my pre are super low compared to my old linksys. I'm only getting 1000kbps on the 4500 and with my linksys i average 9000kbps. All my other devices are running full ahead with my 50mbps cox Internet. I'm not sure whats happening Ive gone over pretty much everything and I'm Comptia A+ certified so I know what I'm doing. Just looking for suggestions if anyone else has this similar setup.

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    I'm sure you've checked already, but gotta ask anyway... Are you sure that the phone hasn't picked up another wifi network in the area and connected to it instead of your own network?
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    No trust me I know what network is mine. It's got the most badass SSID which I only leave on because I want people to see my network is called The Matrix.

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    I had a 4500 and while it was ok wired, the Wifi on it was HORRENDOUS. I ended up taking it back to best buy and getting a $59 netgear barebones that outperforms the feature rich D-Link all day long. Even in gaming (We have 3, 360's in the house and play MW2 and H3 matchmaking together all the time).
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    It's just the Pre that won't play nice. I have 12 Network Devices all running prefect 8 of those devices are wireless. I'm getting amazing speeds all across the board with my wireless N devices to my G's.

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    Joe, hate to burst your bubble, but I've never had good luck with D-link hardware. My guess is that's the issue. I've tried them about three or four times now (used to work in IT), and was never impressed - speed and reliability (devices die after about 2 years of use) were always the issue.

    Go Netgear.
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    The router works perfect expect I can't get full speeds on my pre. I get 50mbps on every single other device. It's gotta be some stupid setting that causing a bottleneck on the pre.

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    D-Link is known for making really bad routers, so it doesn't surprise me that you would have some problems.
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    Ok so Ive given up and just started testing apps and speeds on the pre while only get 1000 - 2000kbps on my wifi. I can not tell the difference from when I was running at 9000kbps youtube video's load just as fast and are even more stable than before. Every single app loads the same that needs a connection and also web browsing is the same. So I'm not sure exactly whats going on but I haven't seen any actually real world decrease in performance so I'm happy. I'll let all the haters of D-Link know when my router blows up but as of now it's controlling all 12 devices like a freaking champ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joescan09 View Post
    I'll let all the haters of D-Link know when my router blows up but as of now it's controlling all 12 devices like a freaking champ.
    LOL... I'm not a D-Link hater, I have just spent a bunch of money ($159-$259 each) on "high-end" gaming routers only to be disappointed with each and every one (not only D-Link). Some gave good wired performance but terrible wireless, some were good with our connected laptops but not our wired 360's. I only posted because I had wireless issues with the very router you listed.

    I hope yours works well and you can resolve whatever issues you may have.
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    No problem pastorrich I understand where you are coming from. I have installed and maintained 100's of router's for client's so Ive seen my far share of the good and bad. The problem I think most people had with the 4500 was the firmware at the begging of production but with the latest it seems to have fixed tons of problems people were experiencing. Ive been running stress test all morning and I can't get the thing to even break a sweat.

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