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    If you can stand another thread like this, here's a quick story about my trip to Verizon today....

    I went to my local Verizon store to pick up yet another Touchstone (my third .. this one is for the car). I looked around the store for any sign of them on the hooks that held chargers and cases ... nothing. So, I started to "sign in". I don't know if your local Verizon store has this "sign in" thing, but it's ridiculous if you just need a case or a charger.

    As I was signing in, an employee standing nearby asked if he could help me. He was actually an older guy .. rather distinguished looking, and not at all like the kid I usually expect to be talking with. I said I was checking to see if they had any Touchstones for the Palm Pre, and if so I wanted to find out how much they cost. The guy looked extremely confused, and then looked at me like I was an alien. He said, "Oh, you mean those round charging things?" Even after saying that, he was still looking at me like I was crazy. I rolled my eyes in a very exaggerated way to make sure he saw it, and then said "Yes ... the round charging thing ... do you have any?" He found one after about 15 minutes looking, and I bought it even though I knew I should have gone somewhere else.

    Can't say after this that I'm surprised the phone isn't selling well on Verizon.

    On a side note, while I was there I tried to sell a phone for them. A guy was poking at a Pre, and I made sure to tell him it's an awesome phone, but no one in the store would tell him much about it because it's not a Droid.
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    not bein cruel what's the point to the story?
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    I believe it, my buddy is a manager and every time they run out of pres they send more droid variations and only 2 pres. So he has to order them from other stores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gangland View Post
    not bein cruel what's the point to the story?
    Reading my post back, maybe it was a "had to be there" thing. The guy's facial expression told the story, really. He either:

    a) Didn't really know what the Touchstone is
    b) Couldn't figure out why I wasn't asking about a Droid
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    LOL, I hopefully won't have anything to add to this. Not a VZW customer but we got a couple touchstones when they were on sale..... one has the 100% charge issue, so wife is going in today to exchange it for me.... hopefully it's not a hassle, but I am waiting to hear back from her.

    We are Sprint customers and have loved their customer service for years.... so we will see how the touchstone exchange goes.
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    I was well received by our Verizon store (though I had to basically tell the saleswoman that I wanted webOS). She talked about the mobile hotspot and even waited for me to complete that prolonged tutorial on gestures.

    I wouldn't blame the saleman too much; an accessory to a low priority, 6 month old phone is probably very low on the ladder of relevance (though it's an awesome accessory).
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    Wife went in, no problems, got the exchange. The female at the counter did ask if we were with VZW, wife said no mentioned our Sprint corp discount and their lack of WebOS when we resigned our contract. Girl checked what our corp discount would be with them for my wife's employer, then told my wife to just keep em in mind since they are now carrying the WebOS.

    So not a bad trip, now I just hope my touchstone works right tonight.
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    The upside of all of this is that I now have a Touchstone in my car. There's a bit of a flat spot next to the shifter on the console, and the gecko feet attach there just well enough that it's not going anywhere. It was nice while running errands today. First, I didn't have to plug anything in, and second I have a place to set my phone other than the spare cupholder. It was very cool using Pandora with it on the TS.
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    I guess I just got lucky when I went to my local Verizon company store to buy my phone.. the girl that helped me had just gotten a Pre Plus and was all about telling me how wonderful it is.

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