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    I noticed that I no longer have Calendar on my Palm Pre. Somehow it vanished, icon is there without the number on it, like it used to have.
    Could somebody help? I am completely lost on where to go . . .
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    Does it launch when you tap the icon?
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    Also try a restart
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    I've had the same problem over the last couple of days.

    I removed all patches, restarted, removed all my apps, doctored 4 times, removed the battery...etc and nothing has worked. The only thing that worked for me was creating a new palm profile...but that erases the record of all the apps I have bought.

    I am under the impression something has gotten fubared in my palm profile. I am awaiting an answer from palm support to see if they can help.

    I hope you have better luck.
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    Mine did this a few weeks ago and I am currently running on a temporary profile. Differences are that all my icons were gone. Anyway, I have had a response from Palm but I am out of the country and not able to get in contact with them yet. Good luck, love to hear what they have to say as I won't be able to get in touch till Friday.
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    If you have Calendar patchs installed try removing them then adding them back one at a time. My Snooze Duration patch had an issue recently that some where experiencing similar issues with the calendar. The latest version in Preware resolves that issue. However I have also seen another thread where the same symptom was experienced and not even a doctoring fixed it. It turned out to be an issue with his profile and he had to turn off the backup and do an erase and that resolved it for him.
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