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  • Slab

    19 25.68%
  • Vertical Slider

    35 47.30%
  • Candy Bar

    5 6.76%
  • As long as it's running WebOS

    15 20.27%
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    Like many of you on this forum, I cannot envision myself using any other smartphone not running WebOS. As much as I love my Sprint Pre, I believe this device nor the pixi does justice to our beloved OS. You guys know all the reasons why.

    I find myself wanting my next phone to have at least a 3.7" screen but not more than 4.0". Because palm has always made devices with vertical key, this limits the pre II to having at the most a 3.5" screen without compromising the form or looking awkward (my opinion). Which means to get the my desire screen size, Palm will have to make a slab.

    Though I'm not a fan of soft keyboards, recent advancements in screen tech have removed most of the cons, so I won't mind owning a slab.

    So which form factor should HP Palm launch first? Slab, Vertical slider, or Candy bar.
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    Really want to see an improved version of the current Pre, with the vertical slider and physical keyboard.

    At the same time, I think they should eventually make available a "slab" form to attract those iPhone enthusiasts who prefer the virtual keyboard.
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    Definitely a slab!
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    I'm with jjeffcoat. I like the portrait style better, but a slab style seems to be the popular thing right now. The Evo, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy Series, and the iphone are all selling well right now. I LOVE my Pre but would like any with new with WebOS.
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    I personally want a slab, bur I think it would be interesting to see a landscape webos phone that has a curvey slider like the pre.
  6. Ty
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    To be honest. All I want is the C40 mockup by David Vogt: That style of vertical slider with modern specs would be ideal. I can't imagine a device like that not selling well. Being that it is still slim, if Palm added in a usable software keyboard then it could be used as a slab for those that want it to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty View Post
    To be honest. All I want is the C40 mockup by David Vogt: .
    +1 That looks nice, wouldn't mind a smaller screen. specs say 4.3.

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    I want an improved version of the current Pre Plus, with the vertical slider and physical keyboard. More of everything - Better processor running fully clocked, more memory, slightly larger screen size, better camera, better bluetooth and better build quality. With WebOS 2.0!
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    I like having a vertical slider since I enjoy having a QWERTY keyboard. It's the main reason why I stuck with my Treo680 as long as I did.

    I'd like to have a total of 3.5-3.7" of phone. Don't want to be carrying around some 4"+ monster in my pocket, it's already cramped enough with wallet, keys, smokes, etc.
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    I thought I'd love the hardware keyboard buy now I hate it. Plus Palm can't even make a decent sliding mechanism. I want a slab all the way because soft keyboards are so much easier to use now. As long as it has haptic feedback on the keys. And I hope they can make the keyboard appear and disappear as well as Android and iOS does it.

    3.7" is right about perfect too.
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    I'd probably take just about anything new on Sprint that's running WebOS. I'm getting jealous of Pre Plus users. Where's our early-adopter reward?
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    *** is the candy bar? Is that a slab with a keyboard like a pixi.

    If so, candy bar with bigger screen, then Pre, then slab.

    If not, Pre, then slab, then bar.
  13. OrR
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    Horizontal slider? Tablet? Netbook?
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    vertical slider. I would love the David Voigt design with a 3.7-4.0 inch screen (what can I say, I have fat fingers)

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