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    I try to use "SHIFT + Backspace" on my PC all the time. haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    I try gestures on every phone i pick up,
    touchscreen or not!
    +1000. All my friends look at me like im an indiot :P
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    Yep, guilty as charged! I catch myself trying to use WebOS gestures on my iPad all the time.
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    I do it all the time on my iTouch. It's in my muscles at this point.
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    I've already tried pressing the "Start" button on a WinXP machine at work.

    On top of that, I was tinkering with my friend's LG Shine the other day, and right in front of her I try to gesture back. I proceeded to say "damnit!" under my breath, and she just laughed.

    After having a Palm Pre, every other phone just seems... "less".
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    yeah did it a few times on my friends droid last weekend
    and i was not impressed with the os at all
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    I try applying WebOS gestures to other devices as well. To make things worse, my laptop is a HP with touchscreen (convertible tablet.) Every time I use someone else's laptop I try to touch the screen and every time I use some other phone I try to swipe up/back. I agree - anything else is just "less".
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    Kept trying to gesture when I was trying out an Evo. Guilty as charged.
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    Only had my Pre Plus a couple of months now and I did it from the beginning when using my iPod touch. First time I did it on my iPod Touch, I knew the Pre and WebOS were keepers. I still do it. The Touch way of doing things seems so old and clunky now (Never thought I'd say that.)

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    i think one thing that makes it tough for those of us with ipod touches is that there are SOME things that are gesture-ish - like reading a book in 'Classics' you swipe across to the next page, or browsing pictures. hey so that's a reason, not just an excuse!
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    Guilty with the iTouch and it's only been 8 days. Needless to say the Touch doesn't get used much anymore...should probably sell it. I was in Best Buy today getting another Touch Stone for the car and an older (than me) gentlemen was asking about the iPhone of which they were out. I was answering texts on my and doing the swipe/gestures and he kept circling around me watching. Even in the checkout line he was behind me.....I so wanted to tell him he should check out the pre+ rather than the iPhone. I still can't believe I was thinking of switching back to ATT for the iPhone. I love my pre more than anything! LOL I even sleep with it.
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    Guilty!! I have actually tried it w/ my Nook!! cRaZy!!!
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    I tried the swipe up gesture on my friend's Droid Eris. He didn't see me do it but boy did I feel stupid. I agree that other phone OS's are "less". But that is because the gestures for the Pre, and Pixi, are so natural feeling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magistus View Post
    I do it with my iPod touch all the time, I try to close apps by swiping up.
    +1, and on my Fiance's EVO. Seems so archaic to have to press buttons compared to swipes.
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    I do it with my iPod Touch also. I 've tried to swipe left/right to change the song. I tried to swipe up to see different albums by the artist (just like Music Player Plus). I find myself wishing the the Touch was as easy to use as the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grappler View Post
    Me too. Are we still talking about phones?
    That's the best response yet. Well done.

    I find myself trying to use my BB Tour screen like my Pre. Keep swipping and tapping and flicking away. I still have that moment of being puzzled when it doesn't work.
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    I had been playing with my sister's IPAD just a few days ago and tried to swipe the bottom part of the screen and realized..... no way! That's not going to work... so I clicked the button to close the app.... and then I flashed back to how nice my Pre was.

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    I'll confess I have tried to do this also. Not too long ago one of my friends got a new Android phone (can't remember which one) and I seriously sat there for almost a full minute trying to swipe an app up to close it before I realized what I was doing and muttered a swear word under my breath.
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    Oh yeah, on my Centro, which I keep around for some of the non-web apps not available for the Pre.

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    I tried it with my handspring visor, haha just kidding. But i do it with everyphone or handheld device I touch. I think the worst part is sometimes i do the swipe up gesture, while in some parts of webos when i dont need to.
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