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    I am very satisfied. Coming from an iPod Touch, I have managed to find all the apps I need and want for my Pre (except those 1.4.5 PDK Apps). In my experience webOS gets the same app types as iOS, just in a lesser quantity. As for Netflix and Hulu, those aren't available for any smartphones yet, but I'm content using Mobile Hotspot with my Wii for Netflix.
    Exactly, both Hulu and Netflix for the iPhone are in the development or beta stage and not officially released.

    The thing that will probably happen though is that Apple pressures them to have the apps remain excusive to iOS for a while (both Netflix and Hulu hae precedent with regards to their gaming console platforms).

    I think in this case if people really need these apps, they are better off moving to another platform or learning some patience. Android had to build itself up to its current position as second to receive an app after the iPhone version, webOS will either have to do the same or specifically pay these and other companies to do it ahead of schedule. I hope this is the route HP takes.

    Personally, I am mildly disappointed. There is great stuff, but the navigation of the store needs improvement and we need a larger variety of apps with good design that live in the world of now and take advantage of webOS. I mean seriously, we don't even have an RSS app with twitter or facebook integration. Devs should really consider the scope and reach of their app.
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    Ok, then can we get more specific? Compared to the iOS App Store, you feel the WebOS App Store is .... ? And same for Android.
    I am neither satisfied or dissatisfied.
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