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    Hey i had someone look at my phone today at work and said oh that thing is cool my daughter is looking for a new phone she asked a few questions about it. I know the lady uses a wifi hotspot from Verizon so i made mention of how the wifi hotspot app and usage was free on the phone and she immediately went and ordered it for her daughter! YES!
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    Cool! That is what sold me on the phone. I wanted the hotspot so I could quit paying for pay as you go broadband through another company (who I swear were taking away mb even though I wasn't using them). The hotspot is much faster and I use way less mb surfing the same way I did with the pay as you go. I love the fact that it's free up to 5gb.
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    Congrats! I know they're still selling at least a little bit. Just within the past month one friend bought Pre's for himself and his wife, and a co-worker bought a Pixi for his wife because of a combination of me talking up my Pre, and them being able to find bundles like free phones with bluetooth headsets and/or touchstones.
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    Three people my wife and I work with purchased theirs after seeing my wife and I use our Pres every day and have been very pleased. All three were diehard BB users.
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    Cool. Great job buddy.
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    I've been working to sell Pre's and Pixi' to my friends (and probably doing a better job than the Verizon store, which only had the Pixi Plus on display).

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