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    Quote Originally Posted by Keldog View Post
    ... in Soviet Russia, Pre calls you.
    (wow, that's an old, old joke)
    HAHA... THIS made my day...
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    ... in Soviet Russia, Pre calls you.
    (wow, that's an old, old joke)
    You have no idea how much I love you right now keldog (not in a gay way)
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    I'm one of the posters on this thread and I've watched my Pre make a "phantom" call in a couple of different ways - phone app opening by itself followed by a ghost tap on a speed dial number or a quick-dial app opening in the same way.

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    I vote for "Ambien dialing"..
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordielordie View Post
    I vote for "Ambien dialing"..
    Oh lordie lordie...

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    mmmmm there's sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep about the phone sleep dialing?

    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

    I don't need to understand the way you think I need to, I understand the way I think I need to.
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    Yep, Mine an my wifes pre's do this all the time. I hate it soooo much.

    it's like our pres are on drugs, you can see tapping on the screen but yet we aren't even touching the phone, and yes it sometimes opens up games, text messages, emails and sends weird random stuff. I have done a doctor on mine and it fixed it. wifes doctor didn't work i guess and i gave up doing doctors.
    Will just buy palm pre 2 or 3 and hopefully the problem is gone.
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    I finally took mine in and exchanged it after the Pre was charging on the Touchstone and I had to set a PIN to stop it from dialing out but this time it unlocked itself and hit the "emergency call" button. It then hung up after 4 seconds and the 911 operator called me back. I, of course, answered this mystery unknown caller and I was like ... uhhh sorry my phone must have done this all by itself. She said it's ok it happens all the time with the new touchscreen phones. Luckily they didn't follow up with a visit from the police.
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    I think I dropped my Pre minus one too many times
    - every now and again (and regularly if I charge it on a touchstone) it goes nuts touching itself all over the screen - it has unlocked itself, opened the contacts, and dialled anyone of several in he 'A' section - it has also emailed people (fortunately the messages were blank!) and sent blank texts.

    It gets particularly hooked on dialling missed callers, sometimes several times in an hour!!

    I did notice occasional screen issues after loading and customising the Tealspeed app.
    I have since reloaded the webOS 1.4....but only achieved a small improvement - the phantom dialler still returns - so no real difference.

    I have to ensure that I only charge using the cable directly (not on the touchstone) and I have to switch off the screen and place it face down during the day whilst at night I always switch to aeroplane mode - so far this has stopped the phantom Pre operator.

    This happens using any cables including the Palm supplied ones and any one of my 3 touchstones.
    I have also noticed that the lower left hand quarter of the screen is no longer touch sensitive.

    I am holding out for my Pre3!!!
    In the meantime - can anyone offer any helpful ways to fix my phone!
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