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    Well, I forked ove the $127 to get my pre's screen fixed, after I had cracked it, and they looked at it, then said the parts have changed a little, so instead of fixing my pre, they gave me a brand new one - and it's different! The button you push to multitask is smaller, more flush with the gesture area, and, it's silver-metallic color! And the slider certainly feels more firm, which is nice.
    Well, back in the process of installing preware on it, and trying to remember which patches I had....
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    show us a picture!!
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    my brother got one like that back in april the button in the middle is smaller and sliver.
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    I'm not sure how easy it'll be to see the difference, but there certainly is a difference!
    haha, I have preware open in the pic
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    yea theres a difference, but they been giving that one for a while.. i exchanged mine like 6-7 times, and i noticed the same thing, it also has alot more of that tape yellow that changes color if it gets wet
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    I got mine in April and this is what it looks like. I just assumed that is how all of them are. But it sounds like maybe Palm made a few changes.
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    I just had to replace my original pre that I've had for more than a year now. The new (refurb) one that they gave me is the one with the smaller silver button and it sure does slide open better. I'm a happy camper.
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    and it plugs in on the other side! Haha jk.
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    Yeah my gf's replacement looks different then my Pre as well.
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    I have had mine since launch and it has the silver button on it. So definitely not anything new. Now they may have tightened up the slider which would be nice. Thus far only problem with mine is the power button being wobbly after a Sprint rep fixed it cause it got stuck and then fell out.

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    Cool. Does it still suffer from the Oreo Twist effect (my friend is interested in either getting a Pre or a Pixi on sprint, and he's had bad experiences with sliders)?
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    Could you post the model number of your Pre? You can find it inside the phone behind the battery.
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    Noticed the same difference when I got my refurb a couple weeks back to replace my Pre from October. No oreo yet and it has a nice click to it when I open and close. Feels a lot more firm.
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    My Pre's showing signs of age, but I don't think I'd put out money to replace it with another 'non-Plus' Pre. Thinking of trying the Evo and seeing if HPalm announces anything before my 30 days are up.
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    still in my first Pre over a year a still strong!

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