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    I've had my Pre since right after launch and haven't had any problems but now I am seeing this issue coming up with WiFi here at home.

    I don't have access to a WiFi signal at work so I'm on straight 3G there but at home I use my wireless router and the last 2-3 days when I am at home I don't seem to get e-mails and the phone is dying FAST(er) than normal.

    The other day I had over 30% battery, went to sleep and when I woke up about 4 hours later the phone was totally dead. I put it on the charger and when it finally powered up there were no text messages or e-mail notifications showing. I turned off the WiFi and then everything started coming through.

    Same thing the next day, no e-mail or text messages unless I turn off WiFi. Also if I go into the universal search and want to look for something it will just spin and spin until I turn off the WiFi then Google will pop right up with the search page, same thing goes for Twee/Twitter as well as the Youtube app, search and playback are no dice unless I am on 3G.

    I am not having any wireless issues here at home as I have 2 laptops both on it, a PSP, a PS3 and a Samsung Blu-ray player that I use for all my Netflix streaming and NONE of them have any issues on the wireless here at home so I KNOW for a fact it isn't the router so please no comments of check your firmware, reboot your router etc. that isn't the problem.

    Has anyone had any issues like this with their Pre or heard of this happening? I will admit it has been dropped a couple times, I don't recall anything recently but could the WiFi radio be boogered up from previous plunges to the ground and just now is far enough gone that it won't work anymore?
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    have you tried device/quick tests. Have wifi on and run it if somethings hinky with the phone wifi it should give you an error code.
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    i had this happen once, my router somehow changed from wpa to wpa2 so my phone wouldnt connect.
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    I'm having some on/off signal performance using wifi. Sometime my sprint Evdo seem to get me on the internet.. a lot faster than wifi.
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    I have difficulty if I am on the opposite end of the house from my wireless router. In fact, sometimes it will disconnect from my own wifi and attempt to connect to one of my neighbors' . . .
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    Many (myself included) have noted varying problems with the Pre's wifi, including slowness, seeming random wifi disconnections, etc. The type of connection (open, WPA, WPA2, etc) doesn't seem to matter, although some report that they cannot connect to WPA2 (not me).

    From the router end, I have noticed that the Pre bogs down the router, making the connection rate go from 54mbps down to 5.5mbps (and in some cases lower). This can affect data streams of other clients, especially the further away the Pre is from the router.

    Additionally, I have noticed that the YouTube app seems to be throttled by the Pre itself at 200kbps, which is not fast enough to watch most video without significant buffering delays. Works fine over Ev.

    The only time I'd recommend enabling wifi is if you cannot get a solid EvDo connection where you're at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    I'm having some on/off signal performance using wifi. Sometime my sprint Evdo seem to get me on the internet.. a lot faster than wifi.
    Using wifi on my phone used to be faster than using my 3G speed.. but it seems to have slowed down lately. I have had the unthrottled download patch installed both when it was fast and not.. I'm not sure what would be causing it to slow down like it does.
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    One of the things I've been really impressed was the WiFi implementation of the Pre. It always seems to have connection to my several WiFi sites which I go to. My home, my work, my friends places. All of them connect fine and stay connected. However, I may have seen some slowdown on my computers when the Pre is grabbing email. So I don't know if there is more traffic on the network than needed when it downloads email. (efficient email download or does it have a lot of overhead when doing that? )
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    I'm looking over the posts and I still don't have an answer on my problem or what could be causing it.

    I still have problems here at home, I ran the tests on the Pre this morning and everything comes back just fine.

    I've really enjoyed my Pre and really would like to see another WebOS device soon, but sadly not being on contract and the Pre having issues something may be in my future sooner than I'd like.

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