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    I have been trying to get preware via webos quick install but it does not show up in my quick install. I have checked the webos internals feed and its not there. Help?
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    I'm showing it under the "WebOS-Internals Feed (Pre)" in the repository
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    choose pre or pixi, whichever device you have.

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    Are you connected to the Internet? Are you clicking the little blue arrow?
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    I'm connected to the internet. I hit the blue arrow and searched in pre(my device). I've had it before when I had my sprint pre now i cant get it with my verizon one. its in developer mode. i downloaded webos quick install 3. something..**** balls
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    Use one of the installers from Application Preware
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    Please refer to
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    Don't forget to click on the drop down menu above
    and click on WebOSinternal Pre or Pixi.

    This is the step I missed at first.

    Easily done when you read the instructions fast.

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