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    I dont have internet at my house, I only have 3g so I do everything with my palm pre tethered.

    I was trying to do the usbnet tether, I got the driver to install but it wouldnt connect to the internet so i said screw it, i disabled usbnet and deleted freetether app. I then was only receiving edge at my house... I was getting 3g and pretty good speeds. So I thought I could have messed something up so I doctored and reset my phone, to only get edge again. (this was on the 25th) I drove into town and stopped at macdonalds to sync facebook and everything faster with their wifi, but it turns out I could pick up 3g there. So that ****ed me off because i had to redo my whole phone.

    I called at&t and asked if anything is down, they said a power outage was on the 21st, but i lost 3g on the 25th, so that didnt make sense. I might try calling back again, but is there any reason my phone automatically connects to edge in my area? I tried the 3g toggle patch and set it to 3g and it wouldn't connect. I NEVER had a problem with 3g in my area, and my friends live to far away to make them come test.

    please if anybody has a clue as to if my phone should still do this after a doctor, or if something has to be wrong with my area? so then it was just a coincidence that it messed up as soon as i disabled usbnet and deleted freetether that i lost 3g?
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