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    I've never had this happen before and it was quite weird:

    1. I finished a text message and closed the slider
    2. The screen went sort of half-colored (where the color was washed out but a bit dimmer)
    3. The screen went to glowing black (in other words a blank screen that's backlit)
    4. The phone went off and the screen turned off

    Nothing turned it back on until I plugged it in, but it's at 66% battery power.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
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    I think this has happened to many. Try this. Open and close slider fast. If the screen slowly fades then the phone dies then this is a common problem. Turn it back on while its still on the "palm" pulsating logo slide the screen up and down fast if it fades away again (dies) then this is an easy fix. If you have warraty take it back. If not just jam a thin piece of paper/thin cardboard/tape on the top part of the battery (the part closest to the speakerphone or camera). The goal is to push the battery downward towards the contact points to make sure contact is not lost when the slider is closed. The problem is some Pre's had size problems (battery too small? or hole too big?) and the battery momentarily disconnects from the pins when you slide it causing it to reboot. Easy fix but if you have warranty return it before you drop it and it gets blamed on physical damage. If not taping the top part of the battery or piece of folded over paper works just as well. Mine was replaced for this issue.
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    couldn't have said it better myself. Poorly designed battery/enclosure, easy and free to fix.

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