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    I just cant believe it verizon mentioned the palm pre plus as a featured smartphone they carry check it out!

    Rule the Air | Why Verizon Wireless
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    first half of 2010.... Adobe b.s....

    and here I was going on a rant today about expecting an albino lady to appear with those stupid stupid rule the air commercials. @ least palm is getting some again
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    That's pretty awesome. I'm on AT&T and it's virtually ignored on that network...but I guess when Android is new to them and having an iPhone launch it's to be expected. Plus lack of Mobile Hot Spot (unless you patch, like I have) it sort of lacks some marketing oomph.
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    That is pretty great. I like my Pre+, but have been pretty bummed how little each carrier is handling the devices (Pre+, Pixi+); this is best illustrated on how the salespersons sell the devices (or not)
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    Verizon needs to get rid of the excess Palm Pre+ before the new HP/Palm smartphones come out... But good to see finally Palm get some love from VZW.
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    Palm gotten a lot of love from VZ - just the wrong kind of love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ****-richardson View Post
    Palm gotten a lot of love from VZ - just the wrong kind of love.
    It's gotten plenty of mom love
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    Palm's gotten the type of love from Verizon that Ned Beatty got in the movie Deliverance.
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