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    OOps, I think I posted on the wrong forum...........will try to fix . . .

    I'm new to the Pre Plus. I like to mess with it and I would like to assure that I can restore it to it's last working setup (not the "out of the box" restoration).
    Two questions:
    1. If I connect it to a PC by USB cable, and copy all of it's files & directory structure to my hard drive, can I simply copy it back to the Pre when disaster strikes, and expect it to work as it did when I had made that copy?
    2. If I use the backup application that is currently on the Pre, will it back everything up, or just some of the data and applications?
    Thank you,
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    1. I do this with the pics and videos, but pretty sure the apps and what not will not transfer over very well.
    2. The Backup app that comes with the Pre will backup a few things and is set to automatically backup everyday.

    Also, there is another option as well which I highly recommend. Under Preware there is something called "Save/Restore" and "Pre Backup Utility", get them both. This will backup quite a bit of stuff you may have gotten through Preware and keep any losses to a minimum.
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    I have a Pre on my computer's desktop, and copy everything there that I have done.

    The new programs listed in the post above will save just about anything you do, this reflects the improvements and enhancements that have occurred with the Pre from our developers.

    If you decide to go the Homebrew way, installing patches, there are even patch repairs and copying programs (can't remember the name, use search) to copy and reinstall them.

    A year ago, if you had to perform a hard reset, you lost everything, just like any other phone in the world. With the improvements, you can now doctor it, and put all info back, much of it automatically, and keep on rolling. The enhancements are phenomenal.

    My advise is to search Webos Quick Install, read, add, and enjoy, you cannot brick this phone, Doctor repairs, and you can replace. Even if you stay stock, use the above. It works and others will help answer questions, just search for the answers.

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