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    We've all been there. You get home and you have 15 or 20 minutes to relax or get ready before rushing off somewhere else. Meanwhile, in the PreCave your battery sits at a pathetic 12%.

    You want to charge your battery for the short amount of time you have before leaving, but what's the best way? You can use the dock or the plug cord in directly. Logic would tell you that plugging the cord in would charge more quickly, but we all know the touchstone seems to charge ridiculously fast. But crap, when it's on the touchstone the screen is forced to be on. Low brightness and all, but still, on. Wouldn't this cause it to charge slower?

    Well over the past 20 minutes I planned an extravagent experiment that can be proven wrong in no way at all as it was all very controlled and super precise. Okay really it was just me screwing around.


    Using the Battery Monitor homebrew app I let my phone charge for 5ish to 10ish minutes and checked what the drain/hr of the battery was after charging it both ways (but the drain/hr is obviously negative, making it gain/hr).

    I did it three times with the phone plugged in, screen off. Results varied from 19.23 to 26.5ish, but averaged in at 21.82 %/hr being gained. So using simple proportions, if you have 20 minutes at the house you can expect to gain a whopping 6% of battery life before you have to jet if you're using the cord.

    ON THE DOCK, on the other hand, averaged at 28.23 %/hr, squeezing in 9.4% of a charge in 20 minutes.

    Here's where things get exciting... I used the Brightness Unlinked app to allow the screen to be turned off while the phone is on the touchstone. The average battery gain jumped to 39.75 %/hr. That's nearly double than using the cord and can give you 13.25% of a charge in 20 minutes.

    Sooooo if you're in a hurry and want a few more %%, use the dock. If you're homebrew, turn off the screen while docked!
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    Really? On the Touchstone I get around 47%/hr, plugged in directly I get around 60%/hr.

    Are you using an extended battery?
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    Nope regular battery with screen state overclock, this was a very short "experiment" though so who knows. Perhaps more testing is in order...
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    there are some fundemental flaws with your experiment and the arguements.

    you might look at how li-ion batteries are charged. This site gives a pretty good explaination on how the batteries are charged.

    And as bad as i feel using it, Apple has a nice description on the cyclical nature of these batteries.

    If you want a more reliable experiment, you should look at the number of charge cycles, and at what percent you start and end. Maybe a complete drain and recharge might provide better results.

    also, ##debug# will give you the battery voltage.
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    I get approximately 1% per minute charge when plugged in, or 60% per hour as someone else pointed out.

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