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    I'm overseas. The only way I can connect my Pre to the internet is through the wireless service in my area (no Sprint CDMA for 100s of miles). The provider uses an http proxy server with a web based log on. I can connect to the wireless router, but I can't use the internet service. The Pre's browser does not automatically direct me to the log in page. I tried entering the page directly into the browser, but that did not work. A search on google tells me that the Pre cannot do http proxy server logins on wireless. Is there a fix to this, homebrew program that will do this, or a hack to get this to work? This is the only internet service provider I have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    How about this:
    SetupSquidTransparentProxy - WebOS Internals

    Is this what you're looking for?
    tomi666: Isn't this a proxy server? I think I need a client that will access a proxy server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Well, you can specify the server in the setting file?

    You can also install proxies from optware. Don't know how that works though:
    I may need a link to one of the proxies. I can't use Preware on my phone (no internet connection of course) and I can't get to any repositories using Webos Quick Install (don't know why, bad connection??). I can download ipkgs and install them if I had a link.
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    Definitely need a link to the ipk. Webos Quick Install does not like my internet connection
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    Will one of you smart guys/gals out there please lend me a hand. I'm going to be stuck in this place for a year. The wireless Internet service here is the only service I can use to connect to the Internet. It requires the ability to log in to an http proxy server. I've tried all I can. People have made suggestion, but when I ask for additional information I get nothing. Bottom line, I can't connect my phone to the Internet. This means that I can't use Preware. I have to download whatever software you suggest with my laptop, then transfer it to the phone using WebOS Quick Install. If you suggest any additional software please provide working links. Squid requires ipkg-opt. Ipkg-opt requires a working Internet connection on the phone to install Squid. Also, ipkg-opt is installed using Preware, which also requires a working Internet connection on the phone. If I sound frustrated it is because I am. I miss Internet on my Pre. I can't even update to 1.4.5 without doctoring my phone. Which if I did doctor it, I can't reinstall my games or log into my Palm profile because I don't have Internet!!
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    Hmm, I am afraid you are out of luck. and

    I think some of the above posts discuss running a proxy on your Pre which would not help you in your situation.


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