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    I'm a premier customer Sprint says so I can upgade to a new phone at discount pricing after only a year. The power button on my pre is shot (does not press on/off thus phone is on 24/7 once you plug it in to start it up). Did not have a chace to leave the phone for them to try to fix it but will let them try sometime this week.

    As I recall, even with insurance they would want to charge $100 to get it replaced with a refreb thus being to think why not just get a new phone for $200 instead of a refrib Pre for $100.

    Have always loved having a keyboard though tech at corporate store showed me a HTC Evo and the large screen was way nice and he felt the keyboard 'connect the dots' feature was nice.

    Began live with old treos so long ago I have forgotten all the model numbers and presently have a 2nd cell for 'home phone number' unlocked palm treo pro I'm using on T-mobile network (1,000 talk only minutes for $100...don't use a data plan on that phone though can use wifi). Do like having the ms mobile office (word, excel) though that windows OS is old and the screen very small. Plus I still wish to keep a 'home' and 'cell' numbers separate.

    Needs -
    rock solid Exchange Server support for push email and push calendar

    Desired -
    I'm still a die hard keyboard type of guy but being an old dog I'm will to learn new tricks if the vitural keyboad (Evo) is as easly to use as a phone with a real keyboard such as Pre or Treo etc. A slide out keyboard could be nice also I feel but do like that large Evo screen size for sure. Do owners of Evo really like the press and slide (connect the dots) to select letters? Uncertain how well something like that would work.

    Miss - I miss the old days of Memos that had catagories to put them in but do like the multitask feature of Web OS though don't use it very much day in day out.

    Open to other phone options, that Sprint offers, though they have no Evo in stock at this time at corporate store (Clearwater Fl) and have 30 left on their waiting list that they closed. $200 after rebate for Evo though Best Buy and other...Radio Shack the guy said offer them for same price without having to send in the $100 rebate.

    Last, $10 additional, required, monthly fee for Evo enhanced/priority data plan the Corporate store told me. Also he said Google Apps has an app to allow one to edit, but not create excel and ms docs files.

    I can limp by just living with the Pre as it for a while I would guess if it is worth waiting for some other new phone coming to Sprint in the next seveal months....heck could hold out until Black Friday sale if I have to I would guess.

    Pre has been ok but not the 'be all end all' I feel. Has always felt to be a cheap buld product and issues with paused updates, not way to back up Memos to the cloud, messaging being lost if hard reset...etc.
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    If you still want to keep your Pre, Sprint should be able to fix the power button. I had the same issue, it took them 2 tries to get it right but the button now works just like a launch day Pre. It took them less than 10 minutes to fix it.
  3. #3 try this and wait for a while, I really believe that new hardware will be out sooner than you think.
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    Yeah, just fix it yourself (i know you shouldn't have to) and it will be less of a hassle.

    Here are the detailed instructions in the thread that switchedgear pointed you to:

    - Get a small flathead screw driver (i used a small pocketknife) and stick it under the battery side of the button and pry a little. Then go to the screen-side of the button on the left then right side and it pops right off. (Note: Be sure to get it just under the button. The goal is to pop the button off not pry the lid apart, so be gentle)
    - Look down in the hole where the button was and you will see a silver pad. That is the contact pad. You can test that it still works by pushing down on it with the end of a dull pencil. The pad should click when pressed and the screen should turn on. Pressing again should turn off the screen. If it doesn't then your problem is beyond the scope of this post.
    - Notice that the hole is in the shape of a "T". You need to find a rubber band that will fit the width of top part of the "T". Then cut it to match the length of the top part of the "T" and shove it in there. (Note that if the rubber band is too wide the button won't fit back on, so find one less wide.)
    - Pop the button back into place and you should be in business. The power button will then click when pressed down and spring up when released. Remember when replacing the button that the two little tabs go toward the screen and the large post goes towards the back (i.e. the Top of the "T").
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    thanks for posting that specific info, have not been able to copy a chunk of text from a page with my pre to paste it somewhere else, need to figure it out cause it frustrates me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by switchedgear View Post
    thanks for posting that specific info, have not been able to copy a chunk of text from a page with my pre to paste it somewhere else, need to figure it out cause it frustrates me.
    Just hit up arrow and tap the paragraph.
    Then hold gesture area and hit C for copy or X to remove.
    If you want to copy everything in one shot, hold gesture area and hit A.
    Then hold gesture area and hit V to paste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by switchedgear View Post
    have not been able to copy a chunk of text from a page with my pre to paste it somewhere else, need to figure it out cause it frustrates me.
    If you just want to copy a paragraph from a page, hold down the arrow up button on the keyboard and tap the paragraph. The whole thing will highlight in yellow. Then tap and hold the gesture area, press c to copy. To paste, tap and hold gesture area and press v.

    If you want to copy just a word, or sentence, I believe it has to be in an editable field. For example, use the quote (or reply) feature in the forum to allow you to edit the field. Place the cursor where you want to start copying text, press and hold the arrow up key, and then use your finger to move right or left anywhere on the screen. This will highlight letters, or words or sentences. Once you made your selection, tap and hold gesture area, press c to copy, then tap and hold gesture area and press v to paste.
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    holy crud I can't believe I've missed this the whole time, thanks guys. Perfect example of how trying to help someone leads to a little more knowledge for myself, again thanks.
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    You're welcome.
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    I hope you did the right thing, and return the phone. That's what I would have done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdoinit View Post
    You're welcome.
    How did you change your name?
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    I used a bit of cardboard from a Dew 12 pack and it fixed the issue. I can't bare to get rid of this phone. Cracked screen, "a" button hardly works anymore,usb cover lost. But my second week Sprint Pre is still the best phone I've ever had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    How did you change your name?
    You have to make a request to Dieter or one of the admins.
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    Did get the phone back to the sprint store and they fixed power button in like 30 minutes so all is good even though I installed the prewear shut down button to hold me over.

    now to go search this item lol...
    Then tap and hold the gesture area...darn if I remember nor knew what where the Gesture area is...old age comes again.

    thanks for al the help everyone
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    ok that gesture it but never knew that was the name for it.

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