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    Hey everyone i was wondering if it is possible to change out the ram chips in a sprint palm pre if i had a broken pre plus from verizon or at&t for the parts and if it was a easy switch or not/ even possible. Sprints taking to long to come out with the plus and palm/hp is takin way to long to come out with their new phone, i highly dislike android and dont want to go with EVO/Epic 4g(galaxy). I am palm fan for life. still have 650, 755, centro, and am looking for a palm pro. The to many card error on sprints pre is very annoying, can anyone help out and give me some answers, web searchs just come up with reviews, or anyone have any new info on new plus devices to sprint or new palm/hp phone in future? i heard rumors on the forums a while ago that sprint gets pre plus in aug and new palm fone possible c40? in nov. any clues their? really appreciate the feed back!
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    Logic tells me that this is not possible. TMC errors are a thing of the past. install a kernel that has compache or new TMC algorithm such as any of the unixphycho kernels or uberkernel and you will never see a TMC error again.
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    i would love to know if this can happen as well.
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    How about switch the internal USB?...That'll be awesome
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    read this thread.... all the info you could want...

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