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    Hi -

    I've searched around for deleting contacts but have not found the exact question that I have.

    I have Outlook (work), Hotmail (personal), and Yahoo (personal) email accts on my phone. I didn't ask for this but it has pulled all of the contacts from these accts into Pre's contacts list. The only contacts that I deliberately synched to Pre was Facebook when I first got my Pre and it asked whether I want to. Now this pulled hundreds of FB contacts that I don't care for either (many acquaintences, not *real* friends, regardless, they're part of my FB contacts - let's not get into why I have ppl that aren't really friends on FB... that's another issue not germaine to this).

    So here are some of the annoyances I'd like to remedy:

    - I deleted the Outlook and Yahoo contacts. That ended up deleting my Outlook and Yahoo email accts altogether. Argh. So I had to set up the emails again. That brought in the contacts again.
    - I can't delete the individual FB contacts. Pre just won't let me, and speaking of which, it won't let me delete individual Yahoo or Outlook contacts as well. I'm guessing you either get rid of FB altogether or live with it. It sucks b/c I have since manually entered in many phone numbers to the FB contacts.

    At the end of the day, I just want to keep a very slim list of contacts that I truly contact, instead of having hundreds of half-complete contacts from all these sources that I wouldn't really contact. Is there a solution? Can I have email accts on my phone without the phone automatically bringing in the contacts?

    Also, let's say my Pre breaks and I would have to restore my contacts on a replacement Pre. Would the contacts backed up be only the Pre contacts or would it include others like FB contacts, which as I've stated, have manually added many numbers to? Should I just get in a habit of creating just Pre contacts?

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    you would need to remove the facebook contacts from the facebook website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    you would need to remove the facebook contacts from the facebook website.
    Actually all I did, was
    Open Contacts>Preferences and Accounts>Accounts>Deleted Facebook.
    That removed all the facebook contacts.

    The OP could do the same with his/her Yahoo, outlook, gmail I'd expect.

    I use Google to keep all my contacts. When I upgraded to the Pre I used Google to print out a master list of ALL my contacts in PDF and then deleted all the ones that I didn't want out of google. Synced my phone and now I have a hard backup of everyone and the ones I truly want IN my phone.
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    not really sure if this would help but theres a patch called swipe to delete for contacts. ive found it useful for some facebook contacts i would never, u know, contact.
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    Hi, thanks for the replies.

    I don't think I can apply the indirect solutions, like deleting contacts out of FB acct itself. What direct methods are there? How do I turn off synching contacts altogether so the contacts won't keep updating the Pre contacts list?

    If I use the patch to remove some contacts piece by piece, will the next synch just recreate the contact again in Pre?

    Also, the problem I mentioned is that I deleted my Outlook and Yahoo contacts from Pre, but that had the very undesirable effect of deleting Outlook and Yahoo email accts from Pre. So I had to set up Outlook and Yahoo again in Pre, which then synched over the contacts again. Frustrating loop. Is there a solution to this?


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