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    I've been a Palm customer since my Tungsten E. I currently own a Centro on Verizon. My upgrade date is 8/21, and I'm learning as much as I can before then. I did the same with the Centro. I'm out of sync with the technology as the new stuff seems to come out in the middle of my contracts, and I'm NOT chasing new phones as seems to happen.

    The Pre seems to have it's share of quirks but I believe the others do, as well. I'm likely to shun a product that is heavily pushed on me (Droid, IPhone) but I wish Palm had done things differently in the marketing of the Pre. I believe it's a superior device, at least the OS. It would be nice if Palm (HP) would intro new hardware prior to my upgrade date, or at least announce a new release.

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    Hi Btravelen, and Welcome to the P|C forums

    You aren't the only one in the same situation. There are thousands of users who's contracts end around the same time as yours. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the date the new equipment hits. HP has already announced plans to into new devices before the holiday season - which means at most we would only be waiting 90 days or so past our end-date. I know the capabilities of webOS and if waiting a few extra days means HP can get the hardware perfected...I'll be happy to hang on. Just because your upgrade date hits doesn't mean you have to upgrade on that exact date. Mine was in June, but I'm going to wait and use the upgrade to see what the new equipment is like.
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    Point of discussion. Sorry to post an annoyance. Lots of great info here, and generally good tolerance. Have a great day!
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    I just didn't understand what he was asking/saying. It seems like he wants a Pre or does he want a new Palm device before he upgrades??
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    If you are asking about future Palm devices, there is a forum about that with some good information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    If you are asking about future Palm devices, there is a forum about that with some good information.
    He's not asking about that... he's simply posting his thoughts on a topic -which is allowed. If you have a forum to suggest, posting a link for a new user would have been helpful.

    OP.. thanks for the introduction and post. Like I said, there are thousands of users contemplating the same things... what to do? Feel free to post your thoughts. You can also find several discussions in the following forums:
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    Is that good or bad?
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome to the forum, I hope you get as much out of pre|central as I have.
    Since you are with Verizon, I would like to assure you that the Palm Pre Plus doesn’t have most of the “quirks” that the Pre does. I have a launch day Verizon Pre Plus that has had absolutely no problems what so ever. If there is a new device, I hope it comes soon enough to aid in your decision but what ever way it goes, I don’t think you will go wrong with a palm product.
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    I moved from Centro to Pre Plus on Verizon. Excellent decision. You will love it, as long as you take advantage of overclocking and the many homebrew patches. Keep in mind that if you have been synching with Outlook or Palm Desktop, there is a paradigm change. If you want to continue synching with your PC, I found this thread to be extremely helpful:

    This is good for those taht don't want to synch everything with gmail.
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    I upgraded from and AT&T Centro to the Pre. Awesome choice. If you do a little prep before like moving your contact to Google and syncing the Outlook calendar it's awesome.
    There's a few programs out there that do the contact thing, or you can import and export one time. Google has a calendar sync for outlook as a free down load.

    make the jump, you'll be glad you did.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    There's alot to read here, so throw some popcorn in the micro.
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    I second SDoo1965's advice, sync all your stuff to Google and it makes things much easier. I was using the Google calendar sync with my Centro and being able to pull the calendar in just by adding my Google account to the Pre was a huge time saver.

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