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    So the screen cracking from the center of the gesture area is known issue. But I pulled my phone out of my pocket and noticed the touchscreen wasn't working. Then i realized there were spider cracks coming from near the earpiece above the top of the phone! I am really annoyed at this point since this is my 7th palm pre and I refuse to pay any deductible if a phone can crack in your pocket. Has anyone heard any other stories of cracks from the top? It seems like a similar problem to the crack from the gesture area except less people are probably prone to pressing the earpiece.
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    My first drop cracked my phone on the top left corner area. I put jb weld on it. Hopefully it will hold it.

    One small fall can get expensive on this phone due to the cheap build quality. Mine fell less than 3 feet!

    Good luck man.
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    FWIW a crack has started from the USB connector, and now it's "growing" toward the screen. My pre has never been dropped. Really, it's always in my front pocket. It's not so bad yet, so with my Verizon insurance I'll wait a bit until I need to replace the unit.

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