Noticed something strange -- I occasionally have the problem of not being able to connect via USB mode, and finally noticed a pattern.

If I have usbnet disabled, no problems at all.

If usbnet is enabled, however, my desktop (running Windows XP) will not recognize the Pre as a USB device, even if you use the Orang+Sym+U on the keypad. Will not even show the "just charging" symbol.

On my laptop (running Windows 7) it does not seem to make a difference - can connect just as easily whether usbnet is enabled or not.

Anyone have any idea why this difference? Does it have something to do with the OS (XP vs Win 7) or something to do with the hardware?

Not that it matters too terribly much, as I just need to make sure usbnet is disabled if I need to connect using my desktop PC. But it does make me curious....