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    I have just started using the palm pre from Bell mobility after using a Samsung Instinct for a year (my first experience with an internet capable phone).

    One of the major reasons I made the jump was to take advantage of all the neat customizable options that this webos device has to offer, most notably the tethering feature which I would love to get working with my laptop when I'm up at the cottage.

    As I got my phone only a couple of days before heading out of town, I was looking for a quick fix.

    Searching these forums yields a mountain of info and youtube clips that range from a simple download and a few clicks to a full blown linux command line hacking and, I suspect, warranty voiding, operation. I opted for the former and forked over about $16 CDN for a program called my tether which seemed ***** proof. My "donation" gave me access to the program's top secret forum from which I was able to decipher (amidst the cryptic Linux and Palm PDK talk) that I've been had. My payment does not afford me a simpler solution to using the tether functionality of my new phone. It apparantly does not even offer me the ability to download the program! - nicely played!

    I'd ask if anyone can point me to an up to date step by step *****'s guide to getting this working on the Palm Pre from Bell Mobility.

    Before anyone posts, I would point out the following:

    1) I am an admitted NEWB, posting to tell me this is not helpful
    2) I am on the latest firmware 1.4.5
    3)I have preware installed (was able to do this much on my own)
    4)I have already searched the forums as stated but have found much of the info either outdated or not applicable to Bell Mobility subscribers.
    5) I'm already out $16 bucks please don't rub it in

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I would read the thread descring how to do it for Sprint & see how it works. Warning: Sprint is not on 1.4.5 yet, so method may not work for you.
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    I'm on Bell as well, and I installed Mobile Hotspot instead of mytether. It's free, and works like a charm.

    Follow instructions here:

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