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    I saw that there was a fruitful pixi thread on this but nothing organized for pre's. Post your settings in govnah for uberkernel below!

    I'm running screenstate 800/500 with compcache on @ 24mb , cfq and cubic
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    i have it set as screen state

    min: 250
    Max 720
    compcache at 48
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    only UK, or any Kernel?
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    min 500
    max 800
    compcache at 24
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    uhmmm there are a few pre threads on this....

    search is your friend, here is one longer than the Pixi one
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    What does compcache do? I have the defaults for screenstate 500 800.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wekya View Post
    What does compcache do? I have the defaults for screenstate 500 800.
    it pretty much eliminates the TMC error
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    I am also using screenstate i had it on 500/800 but have just changed it to 250/800. What is compcache? what effect does it have on the performance on the pre? mine is currently set at 16mb. but that seems very low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mfaye21 View Post
    it pretty much eliminates the TMC error
    Depends on which kernel you are using as far as the TMC.

    Compcache itself actually changes how the linux kernel manges/uses memory. It allows it to compress a given amount (set in govnah) of the info put to the RAM.

    As far as the TMC, depending on the kernel used Compcache does help to eliminate TMC but the code written determines how the phone uses (or doesn't use in some places TMC). In general Compcache is the memory compression part. Rod did a great job of explaining how this all works in one of the threads a while back.
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    I posted this somewhere else, but maybe someone in this thread could give me a hand.

    So of course with the f104 kernel installed, i expected my battery to drain faster, but thats not why im here. So say i have 30% left and i plug it into the wall to charge my pre plus. if i come back 20 minutes later and unplug the phone, it runs at my lower screenstate setting of 250 mhz until i do a luna restart. Any input?? anyone experiencing this?

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