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    Hello. I have a problem with palm profile!

    Some days ago I bought my Pre and tried to create the palm profile. Unfortunately I didn't have internet connection that time and the activation wasn't finished.

    But then when I got the internet I found that there's a problem. My Palm Pre neither has active profile nor offers to create one. The First Use in the menu ends when I choose the language. Nothing happens after. There's an empty field NAME in the Device Information. And the phone doesn't respond when I enter the password in the Backup. The worst thing is that there's no such profile with my e-mail on

    Is there a way to reset my profile and to create the new and correct one?
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    thats a weird situation..

    if you want to start off with a new profile, you can do an erase apps and data aka partial erase, after doing so, you will undergo the standard set-up of the phone and afterwards it will ask you to create or sign in to a palm profile.
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    Thank you guys. I've erased data and re-created the profile.
    The funny thing was that my sim card was locked during the invitation screen. Fortunately I've seen somewhere the trick with ##. I pressed it, dialed random number and was proposed to enter my pin code and unlock the sim.
    Actually that's kinda strange solution from Palm.
    But Synergy proved to be worth all of these difficulties.

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