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    He's living outside and only using a palm pre..

    I think he had a blog..
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    I remember that guy... the dude was posting blogs on his Pre as he lived off the land on a ranch in the middle of nowhere with a couple head of cattle. Haven't seen him since that one post.

    Found it!

    Here is his main blog:
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    he hadverizon. His GPS didn't work and he got lost. Sad story.
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    He probably uses the sharp bottom edge in all kinds of outdoorsy ways probably even shaves with it
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    lmao guys lol!
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    he died of dutch elm disease.
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    He ran out of food and all he had to eat were oreos.... Sadly he mistook his Pre for one.... :-(
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    still like my story best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    he hadverizon. His gps didn't work and he got lost. Sad story.
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