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    Hi i have a palm pre plus, verizon. and i have this strange issue ive found well everyone that has this phone ive talked to said the same thing even a tech for verizon...and no one can explain it..

    Basically i put someone in my phone..i go to their name in the phonebook hit the SMS icon....nothing happens try it again and i try to go to the text itself write the text up input "name" it pops up i select them and hit the little flying paper icon or enter..and it clears the text i have typed but never sends just doesnt send it..and also a couple of people can get my text and i cant get theirs..

    anyone have ANY info please and thanks

    *note it only does it with select once it decides to do it then i cant do anything about it...but no one else it will never do it with
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    There seem to be some complication within the unit. I doubt a batt pull would resolve the problem. Your best bet is to run a doc on it. Here is the new webos doctor link: Follow detailed instructions:
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    Similar issues have been posted, several times on the forum. In some case the contacts were improperly linked, in some cases they had to delete and re-add a contact. I don't really remember the various solutions. A search should pull them up, however.
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