I have the original HTC touch from Bell that came with a awsome bundle, ulimited mobile browser, voice mail and caller ID...all for $10 a month. Bell introduced this UMB for the Touch even though it was a smart phone because it had nothing else to compete with Rogers having the Iphone.

Anyway...that was 3 years ago. Now I have a Palm Pre and I swapped ESN's and the same $10.00 plan is working perfectly on the PRE.....I have checked my account and there are no charges for data......I even called Bell and had the rep make a note on my file that the UMB works on the Pre.....even though it isn't supposed to.

I suspect it has something to do with both phones being CDMA technology and Bell presently offering a similar discounted browser for the PRE which they are pushing quite a bit on their website, radio ads and newspaper.

Anyone else have a similar experience with these Unlimited mobile browsers working on the PRE?