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    Now this is a very hypothetical question that just occurred to me while channel flicking and happening on a couple Jamba commercials. What would happen if I were to text them for, say, one of those battery backgrounds?

    I want to emphasize that I have no intention whatsoever of doing this - I'm just curious. Would webOS know what to do with the sms link? (is that still how it works anyway? Haven't used Jamba since 2001 or so) or would I just get a straight-up error-message and be in an uncancellable contract for life anyway?

    What about all those dumbphone java games? WebOS handles Java, right? So they could work, right? If they could be gotten on there.

    Now, I'm not saying anybody should do this. But you know, it's interesting to know whether it COULD be done!
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    No and no. If you go online and check if all these things are available for your phone, you'll probably see, that you're out of luck. Though part of WebOS depends on Java, a Java virtual machine able of interpreting the dumbphone JARs/JADs does not exist on WebOS, yet. And IIRC the animated battery backgrounds are java or flash applications.

    Somebody correct me, if I'm wrong. Never had a phone capable of running these animated backgrounds. All my knowledge comes from forums.
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    You are right, as far as I know.

    Other backgrounds, however, can be animated, such as the launcher and etc.:
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