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    I have searched and read this post on how to remove Mytether. I installed Mytether using the easy installer but when I go to Device Manager in QI MyTether is not listed and the only service is "service to control various tethering". Is that the MyTether service?

    and I dont know why but the device manager list only a couple of applications and the rest are listed as "this is a webos application." could one of these be the MyTether app?

    Will using the comand line given in the post remove MyTether even if I used the easy installer?

    Attatchment with screenshot of Device Manager.
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    So did you do what Jason said? I believe this is what should be done.

    Going into linux commandline and enter the following commands:

    mount -o remount rw, /
    ipkg remove
    mount -o remount ro, /

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