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    Hi Im new to the pre and (have read and reread) a lot of topics regarding the Webos quick install needed for the virtual keyboard. Problem is still having trouble. !st being that I cant get Novacom driver on computer. 2nd is when I go to file in quick install like someone told me and reinstall novacom or something like that nothing happens when i click on options. Nothing pops up or drops down. Just nothing.
    Also when I click the blut arrow that faces down nothing happens either.
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    One step at a time:
    Did you put the Pre in Dev Mode?

    If not:
    type: webos20090606
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    Yes I have it in DEV mode
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    I think I got it. I think web doctor had not downloaded all the way and webos quick install opened too early. I deleted them both and redownloaded and (i think) everything populates now

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