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    Is there a way to make a launcher icon that goes straight to the browser bookmarks?

    I miss that from the original Palm OS. I used to be able to assign a key, press it, then it goes straight to my bookmarks. Then I could select which of my many favorite web pages I liked.

    Remember when they used to design Palm software to operate as few clicks as possible? Hah, they had a guy sitting there counting how many clicks to performan an option.

    Anyhow, any ideas how to do this?
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    The web icon does this already, does it not? It opens with the search box at the top, and the bookmarks (cards) below. Yes, there is an actual bookmarks page when you tap the corner icon and select bookmarks, but these are the same bookmarks that show up in card form when launching the web browser... at least on my phone.

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    When on any webpage, hit the Drop down at the top left, and go to Page, and hit Add to Launcher. Makes an "app" bookmark.
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    I found what I was looking for. It was a patch from preware. Works awesome. Basically, an onscreen bookmarks button next to forward and back buttons on the screen. Looks like it was made to be there impressively.

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