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    So Ubuntu One now provides a beta phone syncing option... but of course it doesn't list the Pre among the Palm devices, however it does have an "Other" category.

    I did a search but didnt find any threads on this topic.

    Does anyone know how or have successfully synced their Pre to the Ubuntu One cloud? This would be not only the files, but also bookmarks... contacts and such?
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    No way. I looked into this a while back. Just sync everything with google or yahoo. have ubuntu pull from them with evolution or other. (That's where the contact data would go anyways) For file sync you might look into dropbox. I have that on my netbook ubuntu and it works really well. just as integrated as ubuntu one. There is a dropbox app for webOS. Not much functionality, but better than nothing.
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    After my disastrous experience with the Ubuntu One music store and its poor implementation on Lucid, I would advice against the service and also recommend Dropbox.
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    Pretty much my same thoughts on the matter... the only discussions I even found were from last year. I guess the google sync is the way to go for most of it, and I do have a dropbox account, I was just hoping there might be a way to consolidate some.

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    Bamp. Anyone know if a solution for Ubuntu One is available on WebOS?

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