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    I'm honestly stumped on this one. For some reason, from time to time when I go to dial a number (doesn't matter if I manually enter the number or dial it from a contact list) rather than the phone dialing the number I entered, it calls 999-910 instead! Has anyone else seen this before?

    Once it's done it the first time, if I hang up and try to dial number again it works fine.

    I'd also like to point out that I am running on 1.4.5 now and I didn't have this problem before updating. In fact, 1.4.5 gave me alot of problems and so I Doctored the phone last night and have done a fresh install of everything... but this problems seems to have followed me.

    Any thoughts?
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    E.T. phone home?

    No idea, if doctoring didn't fix it, sounds like they have a new bug on their hands.

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