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    I have got a German Palm PrPrPr $for$ $a$ $while$ $and$ $I$ $am$ $very$ $happy$ $with$ $it$. $However$, $the$ $gesture$ $zone$ $is$ $not$ $working$ $since$ $a$ $bad$ $fall$. $It$ $is$ $my$ $fault$, $I$ $have$ $no$ $insurance$ $but$ $it$ $is$ $not$ $annoying$ $me$ $enough$ $to$ $pay$ $it$ $for$ $repairing$.

    However I think there is an alternative solution for this back button is to program it from the keyboard (orange+delete button for exemple) so that I could use this anywhere on my phone, for some applications it would be pretty useful (instead of keeping restarting applications to go on the home page...).

    Does anyone have an idea how to do this, or if it already exists?

    Thank you in advance,

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    This could be interesting except I am pretty sure there is no access to create keyboard shortcuts like the one you mentioned

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