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    Is there any app that will put a distribution list in the BCC field when forwarding emails, all the ones I've seen so far only create a new email with a list in the To field.

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    Yes, "Mail Lists" creates lists and you enter the name of the list as if they were one of your contacts (the list actually IS one of your contacts - scroll all the way to the bottom of your contacts list to see them under the asterick character). You can add them to "To", "CC", or "BCC". You can use another app to create the e-mail (such as "SMS MMS Email Emoticons") and then once the e-mail is imported into the e-mail app, use your "Mail Lists"-created list to send out the e-mail to your people.

    The only issue I had with sending via BBC is apparently several of my friends' e-mail accounts block/delete/SPAM folder e-mails that are BCCed. The only time all my recipients got the e-mail was when I used "To". Annoying!

    Oh, another issue I had was it would take forever and then timeout on sending to a large list, so I broke my lists into no more than 15 ppl on each. I don't know if the issue was because the e-mail was from "SMS MMS Email Emoticons" (though I've sent to a large amount of ppl via that app's lists before [but that app doesn't BCC the lists, which is why I got "Mail Lists"] without issue) or if it was an issue with "Mail Lists" or if it was another issue.

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