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    Well, now I have done it!

    I was trying to delete one of my email accounts from my phone and got impatient because it was taking a very loooong time. So, thinking my phone
    might be "locked up" I stopped the removal and now the account is still
    showing up on the phone partially (only the outbox) and it won't let me
    re-add the account because it says it is still on the phone.

    Also, my other accounts don't seem to be working right now either. When I click on "all in boxes" there is nothing, not even in the header bar. When you click on the top bar there is nothing, in where it used to tell me what time each account had been synced etc.

    Can anyone help? I am not sure what to do with this problem.
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    Mods I am sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum, this should be in the Palm Pre forum.
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    Where was this moved to? I can't find it. I have the same problem.

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