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    Hi guys,
    So I was downloading Dungeon Hunter, and after it finished downloading it started installing for maybe 15 - 20 this point I was pretty sure it was stuck, so I rebooted the phone. Now the icon just sits there on the desktop and doesn't do anything, I tried deleting it, and it doesn't work, just sits there. I tried reinstalling it, but the app store thinks it's already installed, and running the app takes me to the app store! My phone is also now generally slower for no reason.

    Does anyone know how I can delete the sucker so I can reinstall the app? I'd really appreciate any help, thanks!
  2.    #2's an update, Dungeon Hunter finished installing after my reboot and 7 attempts to delete it...but after it finished, out came...Dungeon QUEST. What the heck?? I'm positive I bought Dungeon Hunter, even my receipt says so.

    Anyhow, I was able to delete Dungeon QUEST even thought I bought and downloaded Dungeon Hunter....

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