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    What happened with the latest update and google maps. Before the update I could get street view in the google maps but now I cant get street view!!!!

    How can I get street view back? I tried to have google update it, but it just keeps opening the installed app.

    Anyone have any idea, I want street view back on the phone.

    thanks in advance
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    You must be thinking of another device or Google Maps on your PC.
    The palm WebOS version of Google Maps does not have Street View.
    You could try BFGMaps for Google Street View.
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    no it was my pre I was showing it to lots of people and they remember me showing them. It had came up as a smaller street view window on top of the map screen and if I tapped it it would go full screen.

    Now I cant get google maps to do street view anymore though. I am at a loss as to why I cant do it now when I was bragging and showing it to friends the other week as how cool it was.
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    You must have gotten some kind of beta by accident because the Pre has a very basic version of Google maps. If you go to Google maps for mobile the Pre is not listed as a smartphone it is listed with the feature phones with no list of features.
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    I do not know, perhaps that is what happened. When I got the phone I went to google and updated. The menus in the one I have now are slightly different then the one that did street view.

    The version i have on the phone now sucks. And now it just hangs at the loading screen and wont even load.
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    You are talking about bfg google maps Google maps hasn't been updated.

    That is the only google maps app that has been updated lately.
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    This version of google maps has street view.
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    nope guys it was google maps. I dont know what happened, wish I had not upgraded.
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    BFG is google maps
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    Y'all arent talking about Satellite View, are you? I have an ATT Pre and it has Satellite View. Cool. Scary.

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    no it was the google maps and i had the street view of my house showing people. I have been reading, and it looks like the maps is mostly a cloud app, so perhaps I was getting a unreleased version???

    anyway I am just going to forget it and take it as I was getting a glitch.
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    Dude, never happened.
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