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    Hi, first post here!

    I'm currently using an iphone 3GS on Orange in the UK, and although the app store is incredible, im becoming increasingly frustrated with it, with being told what to do, and constantly being told by every single person in the world what i should be doing with it!

    I've always liked the look of the pre, and played with it in the o2 shop loads, seems like my sort of thing. But i will not ever go back to o2, they suck.

    Expansys are currently selling the 8GB pre for 239 sim free which i didn't think was a bad deal, but will i have problems setting it up on orange? The network tell me they can send settings down to activate the internet usage on it, but they don't sell the phone so can they? Also, ive read lots of tales of people not being able to set up the phone properly, and that the app catalogue doesnt work on unauthorised carriers, and that you can't update the OS either.

    Anyone offer some concise, accurate advice before i spend the cash?
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    The problem is , on an o2 contract your sim will be ready to activate the pre (which you must do to use it) but even setting it up on o2 pay and go was a hassle for me. If you're on an orange contract with data then it should work considering it's unlocked like.
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    you will be fine, im on tmobile with a sim free pre, and all you need to do is put in your network settings, just search on google or go to the orange site, they should have them dotted around
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    I'm on Orange, and didn't even need to enter the data settings. The phone works perfectly from the word go.
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    Be Warned - had an order in with Expansys since the end of June and still waiting. They say they are having problems getting the phone. Say I will have to wait another 2 weeks. Not hopeful...

    It's no wonder the selling figures are so bad for this great phone....
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    Really? They say that they ship it in 3 working days. Thats terrible!

    Also considered going to a CEX shop, one near me has a mint condition unlocked one for convieniently the same as they would give me on trade in for my 3GS

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