Yesterday I woke up to find my PRE logged out of palm profile. I entered my credentials and it reloaded & resunk all my official apps & accounts.

Patches were still intact but after reinstalling Preware it did not show any patches installed. So I decided to doctor to get preware to correctly show my patches. Not realizing I did not have the latest webosdoctor on my PC (I think I had 1.4.0) I doc'd my PRE, reinstalled all my favorite homebrew apps, Patches & F102 Kernel, then I got the alert that was ready to download, so I hit ok and proceeded to upgrade (this would be the first time I have ever upgraded without removing patches). After upgrade all my patches were removed. I opened preware and it saved all my patches in a list and all I had to do was press the button to have them all reinstalled.

I have 2 questions.

1. Why did logging back into my palm profile remove all my HB apps but not my patches (preware did not identify the still working patches after reinstalling preware)
2. Doing a system upgrade from 1.4.0 to (or possible 1.4.1. to removed all my patches but preware was able to put them back from the saved list. Is this a function of Preware? I usually run EPR and then reinstall, so is there a difference in these 2 methods?

Sorry so long and thanks for any advice or comments. Have a good day!