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    I'm getting annoyed with that charging notification sound my Pre makes every time I put it in the touchstone. Anybody knows if there is a way to disable that?
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    Use the "Disable Charging Alert Sound" patch.
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    Yep, you can find it in Preware! That sound was driving me insane, along with the tones of the phone dialer. Some of the first things I hunted up patches to turn off!
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    haha... one of my favorite patches. A great patch is one that you simply take for granted
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    Can't find it on the Preware feeds now that I'm on 2.2.4.
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    I am also looking for this patch on my newly franken pre2 running webOS 2.2.4. I found the advanced system prefs patch that appears to have a way to turn off the charging notification but when I switch it off it does not work.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Anyone have any ideas?

    Could forcing the old patch work for franken2?
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