I am curious as to what folks are using (other than iTunes) to make and maintain playlists. I have decided I need to get away from iTunes and find another solution for not just my Pre but for my desktops as well (hopefully I can find one fix for everything). So I am curious as to what folks are using that has a decent feature set (say smart playlists) and a decent GUI.

I would like this solution to also work with Wifi Media Sync, and the kicker is I have 3 PC's I want to use this with, plus the Pre's. The PC's are running Win XP, 7, and linux.... (the linux box isn't a deal breaker). The main issue is every time I move to a new box, I end up getting stuck upgrading iTunes and I am getting frustrated with the whole process of using iTunes just for playlist management.

I know there are lots of threads, but usually about a specific piece of software (doubletwist for example). Looking for some options so I can do some research (I have looked into doubletwist, but from what I have read it won't fully address my desire to dump iTunes). Sorry if this is the wrong forum, wasn't sure where to put it since it is WebOS related, but also not specific to the Wifi Media Sync software.